faucets and mining 0 BTC investment strategy Ver. 2.0

Earn while you surf.

Lets Get Started earning Bitcoin!

Before we can earn bitcoin we need somewhere to put them.
Some of your bitcoins will get invested to earn you more money daily, others will get spent.
The first step in maximizing profits is having the right tools, so lets start by setting up a few accounts!
You will need to decide what email address you'll be using, preferably one where you don't get alot of spam.
You'll get confirmation emails and occasional news updates from some sites and might need to check the spam folder from time to time.
This is alot easier if there aren't a million messages there!

We're going to use that email to sign up for a wallet service.
Xapo is a great wallet, very secure and tied to your mobile phone # and email address. Sign up now.
It will just take a minute... Got it? Great, now log in to your XAPO account and click the tab at the top that says 'wallet'
The new page that comes up has a large red button that says "my address" Click that.
In the popup is a long string of letters and numbers, it can be between 26 and 35 characters long. These are the funds you're going to use / spend / trade and most importantly ENJOY!.
Copy that code and put it in the BTC address box here: <-- SAVINGS / INVEST
This is like your savings account so to speak, when we have enough we're going to invest this.
You're going to want two wallets so you can click the 'Create a new wallet' button on XAPO or use a seperate service like Coinbase.
Whichever you choose, this is like your savings account so to speak, when we have enough we're going to invest this.
Plug that address into the registration form on the top of this page, we'll save it for you.

The two main sites that will help you earn daily without clicking are eoBot and HashOcean.
Lets look at HashOcean first.
HashOcean is a Scrypt cloud mining service that gives you 15khs free when you sign up and pays you a mining reward every day.
What's that mean? The short version is they pay well and have been around for a very long time.
Lets take a moment and sign up now.
Use your FIRST wallet address for this account, the earnings from Hashocean are your spending money! Great! You've just started earning bitcoins. Until you make a purchase you can't withdraw those free funds, but we'll get to that, you've got the ball rolling!

Now lets look at eoBot.
This is a great service that I've been a member of since 2013, They offer mining services and wallet services. You're going to use both!
Sign up for eoBot now.
Awesome, are you logged in? Great, lets get you optomized!
1)Click the little box on the top left labeled 'Mining' and scroll down to select 'GHS 3.0'
The page will refresh and now we use the right side Products menu to select 'Faucet'
2)Play the ad and solve the Captcha and you'll earn some mining power!
You are now mining! That was easy right?
3)Go back to the main page and click the mining button again, and this time choose 'Diversify'
A big box of options is going to come up. We want to make sure BTC is on GHS 3.0 is on and everything else is off.
What we just did was tell eobot that we want to earn bitcoin 1/2 the time and the other half of the time we want to buy more mining power.
This means that every day we can earn more and more Bitcoin! Even if we don't login.
4) Click the piggy bank at the bottom that says deposit. In the list of coins you'll need to click 'Generate' to get addresses for the coins we're going to use
For now we just need DOGE and LTC, put the LTC address into the registration form on the right side of the page here. Every day you can login to eoBot and get more from their faucet plus 1 DOGE coin for just logging in.
When you log in you'll want to use the exchange page (on the bottom menu) to convert your DOGEcoins to GHS 3.0
For the best results log in every day and convert!
5) Go to the Withdraw piggybank button.
This is where we tell eoBot to send us our mined bitcoins.
Put the same BTC address from XAPO in to the BTC address box on eoBot and set 'Automatic Withdraw Level' to .001 (the minimum) then click 'Set BTC Automatic Withdraw'
Now you'll ge paid automatically when there is enough in your eobot account to pay out. The fastest way to get paid is log in every single day and claim from the faucet and convert your DOGEs!

When your savings wallet balance converts to over $6.20 US you'll be ready to invest in Hashocean, you've already been earning, but now you can start to get that money out! Login to HashOcean and click the Buy button. You're going to need to 'Get the payment address' then send the payment as directed.
WARNING If you don't send enough you're funds will be lost! double check before sending!
Now you can go to the settings page and switch from profit accumulation to automatic payouts and start shopping! Need more help? Don't understand some of the terminology, visit our other site for more info or to contact us directly.
Happy bitcoins to all!
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